Skin Saqina

Welcome to Skin Saqina

We specialise in skin treatments for the face and body, using high-quality products with stem cells sourced from Singapore, Europe, Korea, and Japan.

We respect skin eco cell repair approach, having successfully treated the skin issues of over 3000 customers. Our brand was established in 2006.

Tailoring solutions based on each customer’s skin condition and needs, our team consists of beauty mentors and senior skincare consultants with 25 years or more of skincare treatment experience.

Saqina Skincare Machine

Welcome to Skin Saqina

Introducing our latest skincare machine, utilizing cutting-edge Japanese technology. It ensures thorough facial cleansing and guarantees visible results. Want to learn more? Book a trial session with us today!


At Skin Saqina, we offer personalized skin treatments designed to address your specific skin needs. Additionally, we provide beauty services such as lip embroidery, manicures, and pedicures!


“The service of this beauty salon is pretty good. I have been there a few times and I feel that the service is in direct proportion to the price. It is cheap and beautiful, and it also helps my face condition get better and better. I will continue to visit.”



We thoughtfully choose top-quality products from various overseas brands.